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It helps you rank your keywords in the competitive niche and get you the desired traffic. After each Google update, scores of people complain how their websites got deindexed and that PBNs are dead.It’s not entirely true because backlinks are the single most important factor when it comes to ranking, right after good On-Page SEO.Backlinks are the essence of trust on Google. I know that creating and managing a PBN is a lot of hard work. have a backlink profile healthy enough to benefit our “money” site – the one we want to rank in the search engines. However, it is good to have a portion of your PBNs setup with these hosts. This is also influenced by the DA of the website. Ideally, you need to add your link on the specific pages sending traffic to your competitors. How does my choice of web hosting lead to getting flagged for manual review? Two words: bad neighborhood. The idea of a private blog network is that the websites appear unrelated to each other, therefore natural links, as opposed to someone linking to their own website from their other websites. Private blog networks aren’t black hat

Also some services are better than others at it. The padding and structuring parts of this guide will go a long way with masking your strategy to your competitors, but blocking bots takes this to a whole new level

Here we can also see, Majestic Trust Flow 25, Citation Flow 27 and if we click on that domain you can see that it is available to register right now for the budget price of $7.58. However, in the case above, the majority of anchors come from a keyword ‘rank tracker’ that a certain site wanted to rank for in Google. I’ve broken down what I believe to be the best PBN hosts from experience